Welcome to Randomusic, the computer program that can create hours of musical enjoyment and pleasure as it unfolds its ever fresh impromptus.

Randomusic is a music composing software that automatically generates music in a random fashion while following various rules that add harmony, structure, etc. These rules are applied according to certain probabilities which you can adjust.

Combining the power of chaos, randomness, and music theory, the program takes you on a journey to the thrilling rand of music, where experiences beyond conventions and stereotypes extend your perception of peace, excitement, and beauty.

Randomusic can display its stochastic virtuosity for years, basically without ever repeating itself.

The plans for this project have changed. I will probably not release the program as a stand alone application as I had initially planned, but rather as an online web application. I have done some preliminary tests, but I think the whole thing will take time, as there are many other things that I am engaged in and this project is more of a hobby project.

Here are some samples of the music which you can listen to now.

Magnus Andersson
July 13, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden